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The BEST Snuffle Mat

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$42.99 - $51.99
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Level: Level 1

These mats are hand-crafted in Canada and they're the perfect way to encourage sniffing and offer mental stimulation indoors.

What sets this snuffle mat apart from the rest? It's heavily weighted so it won't slide around. Lighter mats slip and encourage the user to pick up and shake the treats out. Not this one!

The Snuffle Mat is a foraging feeder for dogs and is an excellent way to provide daily mental stimulation at meal times or to occupy your dog when you’re busy.

note** the colours are random and as there are so many variations, we’re not able to list them. what you receive will likely not match the photo. if you’d like to have some photos of options sent to you ahead of ordering, please email us. 

Mungo’s Snuffle Mat Level 1

Dry food is sprinkled on to the fleece strips and shaken in to hide it. The dog must use their nose to search through the strips for the hidden food.
Works well for beginner dogs and toy breeds, cats and other small animals.
The fleece strips are a short enough length to stand upright, setting the pet up for success in finding food.
Approximately 12”x12” rubber base with fleece strips woven and tied through the holes.

Mungo’s Snuffle Mat Level 2
Level 2 mats have longer fleece strips for a greater challenge. The strips are long enough to flop over, creating a more difficult search and scent is more of a factor in finding the food.
Approximately 12”x12” rubber base with fleece strips woven and tied through the holes

Sprinkle dry food on to the mat and ruffle the strips to shake it in. (Dehydrated meat works well for raw feeders.) Your dog uses their nose to search through the strips and find the food. Easy environmental enrichment!

Stimulate your dog’s brain, give an outlet for scent drive and encourage natural foraging. Increasing mental stimulation can reduce problem behaviours!

While geared toward dogs, Snuffle Mats are also great for cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds & other small animals.

Each Snuffle Mat has a rubber base, with fleece strips woven through the holes and carefully hand tied.