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About Us

Wholesome Canine is owned and operated by two highly experienced and accredited canine professionals: Christine Ford; an accomplished authority on canine nutrition, and Helen Moore; a canine training and behaviour expert. With over 20 years of experience studying and working with dogs, they opened the Wholesome Canine in 2012 to create a safe place to shop for, and learn about all things dog.

Together, they’ve put a lot of time and care into curating a product and service selection that is in the highest regard for your dog’s physical and emotional needs. CompassionKindness, and Empathy are Wholesome Canine’s core values, and are the heart of every decision made in the store. From the ingredients in our food products and grooming supplies, to our ethically made apparel, pet parents can rest assured that we’ve done the research and read all the labels, so you don’t have to.

Christine Ford

Christine Ford

Founding Partner, Canine Nutrition Consultant

Whether you’re looking to change your dog’s diet to cooked or raw food, provide natural supplements that actually work, or to ensure your treats are actually good for your dog, Christine is the go-to source for all your canine nutritional enquiries. She has formulated countless home cooked meals, and supplement plans for many dogs, while changing lives along the way.

Christine achieved a Certificate in Advanced Canine Nutrition from CASI, graduating with honours and completing all 8 electives. With the help of her mentor, Dr. Jean Dodds (one of the world’s most renowned holistic veterinarians), Christine continues to expand her expertise. She’s an associate member of the College on Integrative Veterinary Therapies, and has been operating an online nutrition consultation service since 2012.

The foundation of Christine’s passion for dogs was her 14 year tenure as the owner-operator of Oh My Dog! (one of Toronto’s first and most respected dog walking services). Along the way, she also found time to create and manage two community organizations; as Co-Founder of Toronto Rabbit Rescue, and Administrative Volunteer at Lost and Found Pets Toronto.

Education & Certificates:

  • Companion Animal Institute: Canine Nutrition Certificate (1 yr)
  • Companion Animal Institute: Advanced Canine Nutrition Certificate (1 yr)
    • All electives completed including Cancer, Cardiovascular Disorders, Orthopedic Disorders, Kidney Disorders, Gastrointestinal and Metabolism Disorders and Endocrine Disorders.
    • College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies: Senior Dog Nutrition
  • Recognized professional by Fresh Feeding Consultants


Hellen Moore

Helen Moore

Founding Partner, Canine Training & Behaviour Expert

Born and raised in Ireland, Helen has been dog-obsessed from a very young age. She arrived in Canada in 2008 to complete her studies in holistic nutrition only to have an 8-week old Australian shepherd mix called Seamus move her life in a completely different direction. It was her desire to help Seamus through the many challenges he faced that began her journey into the world of canine wellness and behaviour.

Starting as a professional dog walker she specialized in caring for reactive dogs and offering nutrition consultations. She spent the next few years studying, and in 2015 completed a year-long program with Turid Rugaas, renowned Norwegian dog trainer and educator. She’s dedicated to life-long learning and has had the opportunity to study with some of the foremost canine experts in behaviour, neuroscience, nutrition and trauma.

Education & Certificates:

  • Institute of Holistic Nutrition Canada: Holistic Nutrition Diploma
  • Turid Rugaas International Dog Trainer Education: Certified Dog Trainer
  • Anne Lil Kvam: Nose Work Training for Trainers
  • Galen Myotherapy:
    • Exercise Physiology for the Dog Professional
    • Myotherapy Foundation Course
  • Dr. Amber Batson:
    • Barking Mad—Abnormal behaviours in the dog
    • Troublesome Teens—Surviving Doggy adolescence
    • Give a dog a bone—A look at resource guarding in the dog
    • Mind the Gap—Exploring the links between body, brain and behaviour in the dog
    • Puppy Power for professionals
    • Advanced Aggression in Dogs
  • Behavior Vets and Barking Brains: DEEP DIVE: A neurobiological discussion of dog-directed aggression
  • The Canine Behaviour and Training Society: Identifying Traumatized Dogs and How to Support Them
  • Dr. Kathy Murphy: Scent Work: The Brain, Attention and Emotional Well-being
  • Control the Meerkat Conference: Trauma in Animals
  • The Loose Leash Academy: Aggression in Dog Conference
  • Pet Dog Trainers of Europe: PDTE Annual Conference & AGMs
  • Medical Neuroscience (in progress)



I don’t even have words to express how grateful I am that Wholesome Canine even exists. Every single item in the store is geared towards making your dog’s life healthier and happier and more “wholesome”. And the owners are super knowledgeable and always helpful.


When I adopted my rescue dog near the beginning of the pandemic, I wanted to ensure I was doing everything possible to provide a healthy and happy new life for her. Christine and Helen have been an ongoing source of knowledge and support for me and my dog. I absolutely LOVE the Wholesome Canine and I recommend it to all dog parents!


Incredible small business owned by two local women. They’ve got an excellent selection of items and food, but the expertise and knowledge of the helpful staff is what makes this place special.


Staff are friendly but more importantly, helpful! They took the time to fit my dog with a harness, trying multiple sizes to make sure we settled on the right size. We've also used their puppy socialization play date services and my pup absolutely loved it! Will be going again soon. I recommend this 'class' for anyone needing to socialize their puppy.


We have a rescue for senior and special needs tiny dogs and without their support and generosity we would never be able to do what we do for these broken little ones in our care. Thank you WC for always being there for us and our little foster dogs, and helping us give them a chance at a thriving and healthy future.


Great place! They helped my dog when she had her health problems, she’s back to herself again! Forever grateful!  I do and will continue coming here ... The staff are great! They are always willing to help with any concerns you have about your pet. Absolutely amazing!