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Healthy Lifestyle Choices for Cats

Yes, we love cats too! We recommend feeding your cats the way nature intended, to help them maintain their vitality while avoiding the most common health issues modern house cats face: obesity, diabetes, kidney disease and urine crystals.

Providing mental stimulation through toys and enrichment games goes a long way toward preventing boredom, depression, and again, obesity.

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Praise from Cat Parents

I called to inquire about switching my kitty's diet to raw after she was having one month of chronic diarrhea and no luck from multiple vet visits. They're so informative about cats with IBS and helped with recommendations for my little Lily.

I was also instructed on how to transition her to raw food without further compromising her already sensitive stomach. ​

I was really impressed with their level of customer service and how knowledgeable they were.


We’re dog people who take our feeding advice from Wholesome Canine, but when a cat suddenly entered our family, we weren’t quite sure how to feed him as best as possible. We booked at consultation with Gillian and her advice was so helpful and made so much sense. We are grateful.