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How to Build a Puppy Into a healthy adult dog

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“Environment, exercise and activity habits have deep, ongoing effects and How to Build a Puppy … into a healthy adult dog explores ways in which positive change can be integrated easily in our normal lives” 

Written by the founder of Galen Myotherapy, Julia Robertson, this book is a must read for puppy caregivers and professionals alike. So many dogs are dealing with inflammatory conditions like arthritis as well as weakened muscles and joints. A body that is unstable and/or out of balance is more susceptible to damage and injury. 

Because dogs don’t demonstrate pain in ways that are obvious to us humans many are struggling for long periods of time before having it addressed. Pain, especially if chronic, can lead to behaviour changes and these are not always linked to a physical issue. 

This book includes:

  • A dedicated section on canine anatomy and functional movement
  • Exercises and activities that can be done at home
  • Which activities could be causing damage 
  • Equipment and its impact on the developing dog body