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Canine Life Pre-mix for Adult dogs

Original price $15.49 - Original price $105.49
Original price
$15.49 - $105.49
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Size: Trial Size

Prepare fresh-cooked, balanced dog food at home with the protein of your choice.

Make your own Canine Life Muffins. A very economical way to feed your dog a fresh-food, home-cooked, complete and balanced diet!

Trial size - 20 muffins
6 kg - 150 muffins
12 kg - 300 muffins

For normal, healthy, active dogs without any health, or food allergy related issues.

Pre-Mix ingredients: Organic milled whole brown rice, organic whole oats, organic whole barley, calcium, carob, 100% pure alfalfa, Acadian sea kelp, oregano, marjoram, parsley, rosemary, ginger.

The above is mixed with a protein source, a green vegetable, an orange vegetable, red apple, egg, oil, and water.