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Chronic Inflammation: What it means and what to do about it

Chronic Inflammation: What it means and what to do about it

The Dangers Of Chronic Inflammation

Dog owners usually start looking look for ways to reduce inflammation when an issue arises, such as arthritis. However, the fact is chronic inflammation is at the root of most diseases including cancer, cardiovascular disease, disorders of the central nervous system, allergies, arthritis, and pancreatitis.

Most of the time chronic inflammation isn't easily visible or detectable on the outside but some telling indicators are skin issues, digestive problems, arthritis and recurring infections.

Common Causes, The Main Culprits:

Poor Diet

Kibble in particular, even the most premium brands, causes inflammation because it’s heavily processed and contains starches and sugars (pro-inflammatory ingredients). Kibble also causes a fleeting state of dehydration as it takes moisture from the intestines—this is why kibble-fed dogs drink so much more water compared to those on a raw or cooked diet.


Dogs who are consistently stressed or anxious have chronic inflammation due to the constant release of cortisol (stress hormone), which causes the adrenals to become over-worked.
*Note: if your dog is accustomed to long games of fetch, he has elevated cortisol.

Poor Gut health

The gut is the hub of the immune system. Without a healthy gut, you cannot possibly have a healthy host. This also happens to be where chronic inflammation begins in the body.

What To Do

In addition to eliminating the causes and triggers, it’s important to help your dog mount a strong defence. This means feeding daily sources of natural anti inflammatories to help fight chronic inflammation. This will improve your dog’s quality of life, longevity, and help fight pain and infection.

Some Of Nature’s Inflammation Soldiers And Immune Boosting Comrades:

Turmeric/Golden Paste
Omega 3 Fatty Acids
Fermented Foods
Reishi Extract

Want to Learn More About Using Diet & Supplements to Fight Disease & Promote Longevity?

Book a nutrition consultation with our certified nutritionist Christine.

Learn how to make Golden Paste. Download the recipe here.

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