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Scent Den Session SOLO

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Duration: 50 minutes SOLO


The Scent Den is Toronto’s first ever indoor enriched environment for dogs. Offering a full sensory experience, it is designed to activate all your dog’s senses within a safe, calm and comfortable space. It is filled with an array of interesting smells, objects to investigate, different textures to touch and feel as well as some tasty and delicious treats to find. 

Sessions provide a mental workout for the dogs by encouraging them to indulge in instinctual behaviours like exploring, scavenging and problem solving. The slow, deliberate movements offer a low impact activity with lots of gentle stretching making it the perfect activity for all dogs but especially growing puppies, senior dogs or those recovering from injury or surgery. 

Enriched environments are vital in the healing process for dogs dealing with anxiety or chronic stress. Moving freely, having choice and control over their experience builds confidence and coping skills.

For the human caregiver it’s a wonderful opportunity to slow down, get quiet and work on their observation skills. There is so much to learn from watching our dogs.

Solo 50 minutes session: The space will be set up for you when you arrive. All you have to do is sit back and watch your dog explore the space.

Our space is located on Dundas St. West which can be busy with traffic, streetcars and passersby meaning this may not be a suitable activity for dogs with severe noise sensitivities. 

This session is for just ONE dog (two humans may attend a session.) 

Please read our Cancellation & Refund Policy below

    Cancellation & Rescheduling Policy:

    • To reschedule your appointment, please call or send us an email 24 hours or more, prior to your appointment.
    • You may cancel your appointment up to 72 hours before, for a full refund minus credit card processing fees incurred on all transactions.
    • Between 48-24 hours before your appointment, you may reschedule for the next* available slot, for no additional charge. *Please note that lead time for new bookings can be up to 30 days.
    •  Less than 24 hours before your appointment, bookings cannot** be rescheduled or refunded. **If we are able to fill your slot with a last-minute booking, we will re-book your appointment at no additional cost.
    • There are no refunds for missed appointments.
    • All appointments are valid for the scheduled time only. We are unable to extend appointments due to late arrival.