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Haqihana Harness LONG


 Why Haqihana?

  • comfortable, ergonomic design
  • no pressure on vulnerable areas such as the neck/trachea
  • no chaffing
  • no handling of your dog's paws when putting it on
  • hand-stitched in Italy
  • soft, durable, fade resistant nylon
  • 5 year warranty
  • will not diminish the beauty of your dog's close ups

Design, together with well-proportioned dimensions and positioning of the harness on the dog have been carefully studied to guarantee maximum comfort in all situations. Pressure is properly distributed on the dog’s sternum and thorax only, even when the dog is pulling, jerking or being restrained. The harness does not cause pain, sense of restriction, friction or injury to the skin, and does not limit movement or create other discomfort. The two buckles and their position make putting on and removing the harness trouble-free for dog and owner.

The webbing is made with high tenacity spun-dyed nylon-6 which guarantees colour homogeneity and resistance. The webbing is made in Italy to Haqhiana design. 

The buckles and adjusters are made from acetal resin, which maintains long lasting mechanical and shock resistance even in extreme conditions. 

The metal components are in Stainless Steel which does not release Nickel or cause allergic reactions in accordance with European regulations.

The versions ML, SL, XSL and XXSL have longer straps that run along the dog’s torso (back and abdomen) and are intended for long bodied dogs. 

Webbing widths vary (15mm, 20mm or 25mm) according to the harness size.