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Forever Dog Life *in stock*

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In this comprehensive guide, the authors of the highly acclaimed book The Forever Dog present practical insights on fostering a sustainable lifestyle and environment for your dog's well-being. Rather than focusing solely on food, as explored in their previous work, Rodney Habib and Dr. Karen Becker delve deeper into holistic approaches for enhancing your dog's longevity and quality of life.

The Forever Dog Life offers a wealth of information, including over 120 nutritious recipes for homemade meals, enticing food toppers, and nourishing broths. Additionally, readers will find guidance on preparing DIY training treats and natural snacks, along with expert advice on ingredient selection and kitchen techniques.

Beyond nutrition, this book emphasizes the importance of creating a safe and healthy living space for your pet. Practical tips are provided for crafting non-toxic cleaners, natural disinfectants, and eco-friendly lawn care solutions. Furthermore, the authors share recipes for chemical-free body care products, addressing grooming, oral hygiene, and pest control.

Through engaging anecdotes and practical guidance, The Forever Dog Life promotes a holistic approach to pet care, fostering a happier and healthier environment for animals. Grounded in scientific research and accompanied by vibrant illustrations, this handbook serves as an essential resource for pet owners seeking to optimize their companions' well-being.