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Feeding Dogs - Dry or Raw? The Science Behind the Debate

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That's right, SCIENCE. You know we love facts. Many pet owners don't know that so much research exists when it comes to negative effects of feeding kibble, and the positive impact of feeding whole, fresh food.

With 500 pages and 1200 references, Feeding Dogs is the most thorough examination of the canine nutrition debate to date. It's meticulously researched and methodically written to provide a solid understanding of canine nutrition based on the latest studies.

If you're craving the facts, or still have doubts about fresh feeding, dive into Dr. Conor Brady's book!

Feeding Dogs Contents:

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SECTION ONE: Carnivore or Omnivore?

Chapter 1: What Is an Omnivore?

Chapter 2: Canine Ancestry

Chapter 3: Diet Selection by Feral and Free-Ranging Domestic Dogs

Chapter 4: The Digestive Anatomy and Physiology of the Domestic Dog

SECTION TWO: Issues with Kibble

Chapter 5: Introduction to Dry Pet Food

Chapter 6: Carbohydrates

Chapter 7: Wheat Gluten

Chapter 8: Protein

Chapter 9: Vitamins & Minerals

Chapter 10: Fats

Chapter 11: Teeth

Chapter 12: Chemicals

Chapter 13: Hazardous Microbiologic Contamination

Chapter 14: The Argument for Raw Feeding

SECTION THREE: Why all the confusion?

Chapter 15: Veterinary Nutritional Training

Chapter 16: The Science of the Human Food and Drug Industries

Chapter 17: Corporate Influence in the Veterinary Sector

Chapter 18: What Does Scientifically Proven Pet Food Mean?

Chapter 19: Who are the Pet Food Police?

SECTION FOUR: Feeding Species-Appropriately

Chapter 20: The Raw Market

Chapter 21: Will A Meat Diet Provide Everything They Need?

Chapter 22: What Might the Ideal Raw Dog Food Diet Look Like?

Chapter 23: DIY Raw Dog Food

Chapter 24: Raw FAQs

    • How much raw dog food do they need?
    • How to introduce raw to a dry-fed dog, a picky dog and a gut-sick dog.
    • Do I need to supplement a raw dog food diet?
    • Choosing a good pre-made raw dog food.
    • Freezing meat to control meat-borne parasites.
    • Feeding cooked home-prepared food.
    • Ingredients to avoid.
    • Raw-fed dogs will have different blood readings…
    • Fasting dogs.
    • Can my child get infected from a raw-fed dog’s lick?
    • Raw-feeding puppies.
    • Raw-feeding pregnant bitches.
    • Can I feed my dog a vegetarian diet?
    • The future for dogs, pet food and our planet.