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Daily Wurx CANINE (250g)

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A broad-spectrum, whole-food supplement designed to compliment a raw or cooked diet, but may also be fed with kibble.

  • helps fill in common nutrition gaps

  • promotes healthy digestion

  • loaded with anti-aging properties

  • gently detoxifies

  • provides immune support

  • helps fight inflammation and disease

When it comes to supplementing with non-synthetics, powdered extracts are best because they're the most easily absorbed. Each ingredient in Daily Wurx was carefully selected for their unique individual benefits.  

Palatability is good, but for fussier pooches try mixing with tinned or raw tripekefir or bone broth.

The stellar ingredients:

Dandelion root & leaf powder
Turkey tail extract
Dried Parsley leaf
Pumpkin seed powder
Carrot powder
Nettle leaf powder
Astragalus powder
Dried mint (peppermint powder)
Rose hip powder
Burdock powder
Wheatgrass powder
Bladderwrack powder
Blueberry powder
Broccoli sprouts powder
Oyster powder extract
Flax powder
Ginger powder
Lipase (digestive enzymes)
Amino Acids (the building bocks or protein)