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Senior Dog Care w/Dr. Christine Hickman

Wholesome Canine

This event runs from 12:00 to 1:30 on January 25, with an additional 30 minutes for Q&A. 
Light refreshments will be served. 
Our address is 2096 Dundas Street West.

Dr. Hickman is a well-respected, compassionate veterinarian who provides in-home care for senior and palliative pets in Toronto. 

During this informative session she’ll discuss hospice care for pets and why it’s so important during their final months/weeks/days. Planning for your best friend’s bridge crossing is a difficult conversation to have, but knowing when the time is upon you and taking control in order to make it a stress-free transition will offer some peace.

In addition to the heavy stuff, we’ll also discuss the many ways in which you can help your dog move gracefully through his senior and twilight years. This includes tips for better mobility and a sharper mind.

We have limited space and are asking for a $20 donation for  Australian wildlife rescue organization WIRES in order to hold  your spot (link in Bio). 

donations are non-refundable.