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Raised Feeding Bowls


Protect the neck!

Elevated bowls are important for reducing pressure on vulnerable areas like the neck and spine. This is especially important for seniors, tall dogs and ones dealing with any physical discomfort. Having the bowl raised will slow your dog down when eating and makes food easier to swallow and these steps go a long way in preventing bloat.

The BASIC dog bar can be easily adjusted in height and is therefore particularly well suited for large and older dogs. Since the dog bar practically grows, it can already be purchased for a puppy. Due to the stable base in H-shape, the BASIC dog bar is up to any onslaught. The two included stainless steel bowls can be removed quickly and easily. They are easily inserted after cleaning and fixed onto the frame by the clamps. Small rubber rings prevent the bowls from rattling and turning during feeding. Unevenness of the floor can be compensated by the adjustable feet at all four corners.

max. 40 cm
max. 50 cm