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Puppy Socialization in the Scent Den

Wholesome Canine

prior to  booking, please read highlighted section at the bottom

Puppy meet ups  at Wholesome Canine

The city is locked down but that doesn’t mean your pup has to be! We understand how important it is for puppies to spend time around one another, to build life skills and confidence, to have fun while learning from each other.
At Wholesome Canine we’re offering a unique experience for puppies to spend time with others and learn some great social skills in the comfort and safety of our infamous Scent Den:

  • for ages 10 - 16 weeks
  • 45 minutes of supervised social time
  • custom enriched environment that changes weekly
  • structured play time 
  • meeting puppy-tested, friendly adult dogs
  • introductions to nose work
  • max of 4 dogs per session

Dogs must be between 10 and 16 weeks old and have their first round of shots.

if you're interested in more than one session per week, please call us.