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Puppy Essentials

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Bringing a puppy into the home is an exciting and sometimes overwhelming experience. In our puppy essentials session we'll share with you ways to make the transition as stress-free as possible for everyone in the home. We'll discuss nutrition, sleep, exercise, body and brain development as well as common puppy behaviours like nipping, chewing and biting. This session is filled with the most up-to-date, research based information on puppies from experts in neuroscience and dog behaviour and will equip you with the tools to ensure you're meeting your puppies specific needs.

Praise for Our Puppy Services

My partner and I adopted a four month old puppy named Benny who's life before us was less than ideal. After the first couple of shy days we quickly saw we had what was seemingly a "difficult" dog on our hands. While we had no intention of giving up on him, we felt unprepared and at a loss at managing such a highly anxious puppy. We connected with Helen at Wholesome Canine and all of that changed. She patiently worked to help us better understand Benny's behaviour and why it was showing up the way it did. She got us through what felt like a hopeless situation. We have seen such a turn around not only with Benny but in ourselves. Helen makes herself available when we have a question, need to upgrade our skills or simply need some reassurance we are doing our very best. We are very grateful for Helen. She has allowed us to develop a sweet, loving and fun relationship with our Benny Boy.