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Pet Food Bank Donation

Wholesome Canine

*please note, this is not-for-profit initiative. 100% of donations go toward the wholesale purchase of premium dry pet food*

If you live in Toronto, you need only walk by any local park to see how real and how prevalent homelessness and poverty are in our city. This is a city of great privilege, and, in spite of a pandemic, a place where many are thriving. So why are so many of our neighbours living on the streets and in shelters? Why are so many folks having to choose between feeding their pets and feeding themselves?

That's where you and WC come in. We believe no one should have to make this choice and we believe that all dogs and cats deserve healthy food.

Parkdale Community Food Bank is an integral part of our community and they're in need of unopened pet food. We're personally purchasing food from suppliers who make premium dry food and donating it. If you're in a position to help, you may do so.

xo & stay safe