Goughnut Maxx Lite: 25 - 55 LB


For lite chewers 25 - 55 LB

GoughNuts Lite rings are designed for the comfort of your dog. This line is for teething, interactive play and as an introduction level to the more dense GoughNuts product line. A swirl of a secondary color was added on the Lite line to indicate that the red safety indicator core does not existing inside and this toy is not designed for destructive / power chewers. These Lite rings have a narrower diameter which allows for easier carry function and play and also appeals to the smaller breed dogs.

GoughNuts Original Rings contain a patent pending visual indicator system which promote safe play. By implementing the visual indicator (red inner colour) dog owners can clearly see if the GoughNuts’ integrity has been compromised. They followed the basic known concept of “Green means GO and Red means STOP!” when coming up with the idea. Although over time they have expanded their exterior colour selections the concept stayed the same. If you should see the red inner layer /core of the toy you should remove it from your dog and contact us for a replacement as we would no longer consider it ideal for play or safe for use as a chew toy. 

In order for the “GoughNuts’ Safety Indicator” to be functional the chew toy itself needs to have really durable characteristics - the manufacturers 20+ years of rubber technology experience has resulted in a nearly indestructible product!

Non toxic of course.
Made in the US.