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CocoTherapy Coconut Oil - USDA Certified Organic

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Size: 16 oz jar

The folks at CocoTherapy know coconuts! They grown their own, certified organic coconuts and use them to make the purest, healthiest pet products.

What's it good for?

This is the only veterinarian-recommended therapeutic-grade, organic virgin coconut oil for pets. It boosts the immune system, combats allergies and promotes healthy skin & coat. It's an excellent oral health aid, especially if you mix it with dental powder for brushing. Topically, it heals dry itchy skin, hot spots, cracked paws and wounds.

How is it different?

USDA Organic Certified. Non-GMO. Human-Grade. Raw. True Cold-Pressed. Unrefined. Hexane-free. Non-bleached. Highest levels of Lauric Acid for optimum healing benefits.

How to use it?

Give 1 tsp/ 10 LB or 1 tbs/ 30 LB. Start at a quarter of this and build gradually. Use similarly for cats and other animals.


Our coconut oil is made from 100% certified-organic, Non-GMO verified coconuts. Guaranteed Analysis: Lauric Acid 53%, Capric Acid 7%, Caprylic Acid 12%.