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AnimalBiome: Oral Fecal Transplant


Chronic Digestive Issues, Anxiety or Allergies?

Can AnimalBiome be the answer?
For thousands of dogs it is!

You’ve heard this before:
"Research has shown that a balanced gut microbiome (the digestive system and how it handles food for nutrition and energy) is essential to overall health and longevity. When a pet’s microbiome is unbalanced, diarrhea, skin, immune system, and weight problems occur, and managing unpleasant symptoms can affect quality of life."
And by now you know it’s proven and deeply rooted in SCIENCE.
BUT what you might also know if you’ve got a dog who suffers from chronic allergies, stress or digestive disease, is that probiotics don’t always do what we need them to do. Sometimes a dog’s/cat’s gut biome is just too far off balance. 
So what’s the next step? Steroids, injections, engineered “prescription” food, sedatives? Or perhaps it’s Animal Biome's patented oral fecal transplant, gut restoration system?
Your pet’s microbiome (gut digestive system) is a complex internal environment. Testing your pet’s microbiome provides insight into their gut health status, and this first-of-its-kind fecal microbiota transplant capsules help supplement and restore your pet’s microbiome while relieving troublesome symptoms.
The microbiome plays a vital role in: digestive and immune systems, brain and coat health, behavior, and weight management. The AnimalBiome Test and Supplements can identify imbalances and restore gut bacteria to improve health.
What is it exactly?
AnimalBiome Fecal Microbiota Transplant (FMT) Capsules are a daily, oral microbiome supplement. Easily administered, and a gentle alternative for pets facing digestive, skin and immune system issues, the capsules contain a proprietary mixture of well-screened donor stool.
Fecal Microbiota Transplant (FMT) Capsules provide viable microorganisms to your pet orally. The capsules are enteric-coated to allow delay of dissolution until the capsule has reached the intestines. Multiple doses of the capsules repeatedly introduce beneficial organisms to increase the success of “seeding” your pet’s microbiome to a balanced and healthy state. Positive results are often seen within a few weeks.

How does a full kit work?

  1. Send your dog’s fecal sample for testing
  2. Receive a detailed report via email regarding your pet’s get biome, treatment plan and dietary suggestions
  3. Implement the plan
  4. Watch your dog thrive