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Canine Nutrition Services

Naturally, in-store advice is always free. We're more than happy to help you transition your dog to a fresh food diet, discuss beneficial supplements, or help troubleshoot when necessary. 

But if you would like a diet/recipe designed specifically for your dog's needs, age, size and preferences that you can prepare at home; one that meets his exact dietary requirements according to the National Research Council, we can do that too.

 In-Store Advice

Drop in anytime to discuss the best diet options for your dog and transitioning to a new diet. We're happy to answer all your questions and address any concerns you have about nutrition and your dog's well being.

to book a visit specifically with Christine, please email us.


Distance Consultation

If you aren't able to make it into the shop, we offer online consultations.
This option is for anyone who isn't sure where to start, or who's worried about proper nutrition, allergies, or an existing illness. Taking into considering your concerns/goals, and any issues your dog is facing, we build a complete lifestyle plan. This includes diet recommendations (commercial with DIY), supplementation, exercise and therapeutic suggestions designed to not only help with what ails, but to increase overall health and longevity.
Our certified nutritionist, Christine, has the expertise to help with many specific ailments such as kidney disease, allergies, heart disease, IBD and so on.


Diet Review

This plan is ideal for any dog whose owner is concerned about nutrients or a specific health issue.

This is a close look at your current cooked, raw or processed, that includes a plan to balance the it. We take into consideration not only the nutrients present, but also the unique needs of your dog based on age, state of health and genetic predispositions.


Adult Meal Plan 

A complete and balanced recipe, in accordance with the NRC's Nutrient Requirements for dogs. This plan is tailored your individual dog's needs given age, size, activity level and state of health. 
Integral lifestyle suggestions and recommendations for non-essential supplements (when indicated) will also be included.