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Helen Moore, Canine Coach


  • Diploma in Holistic nutrition - Institute of Holistic Nutrition Canada
  • Turid Rugaas International Dog Trainer Education
  • Anne Lil Kvam - Nose work
  • Galen Myotherapy: Exercise physiology for the dog professional and Myotherapy Foundation course
  • Dr. Amber Batson: Barking Mad—Abnormal behaviours in the dog, Troublesome Teens—Surviving Doggy adolescence, Give a dog a bone—A look at resource guarding in the dog, Mind the Gap—Exploring the links between body, brain and behaviour in the dog, Puppy Power for professionals, Advanced Aggression in Dogs (in progress)
  • Behaviour Vets Deep Dive—A neurobiological discussion of dog-directed aggression
  • Identifying traumatized dogs and how to support them
  • Scent Work: The Brain, Attention and Emotional Well-being
  • Control the Meerkat conference—Trauma in animals
  • Aggression in dog Conference
  • Introduction to free work
  • Pet Dog Trainers of Europe yearly AGMs
  • Medical Neuroscience (in progress)