Private Dog Training

Our training approach begins with an assessment of the whole dog and every aspect of their lifestyle including diet, physical health, exercise routines, training methods, sleep and relationships within the household. 

Rather than trying to change a behaviour or fix a problem, we observe and identify stressors and potential causes of your dog's issues. Once we identify the root cause of a problem we work with you to find effective solutions to restore balance to your household.
We do not use any force, aversion or corrective tools in our training. We promote gentle and kind interactions, always, and recommend every dog use well-fitting harnesses to ensure absolute comfort and freedom of movement when out and about.
Training sessions are one-on-one and our programs are custom to your dog's individual needs. We'll help you connect better with your dog and promote a stronger bond based on patience, understanding and mutual respect.


Loose Leash Walking

The most vital of life skills for our canine companions, Loose Leash Walking teaches your dog how to enjoy their time on leash in a calm and relaxed manner. The techniques learned during this session will help you guide your dog on walks while giving them the freedom and choice to move around, explore and sniff their environment. This way of walking provides vital mental stimulation for your dog which is necessary to promote better emotional health and reduce stress and anxiety.


Puppy Essentials

Start your new bundle off on the right track by learning about appropriate nutrition, optimal sleep, toilet training techniques, appropriate exercise and training. Puppy essentials will give you the right tools to ensure you are raising a happy and healthy dog.


Behaviour Consultation

A thorough evaluation of every aspect of your dog's lifestyle. This is done through observing you and your dog, taking a detailed history, understanding health challenges and identifying stressors. You will be given tips to deal with immediate issues followed by a written report of recommendations as well as a custom training plan.


Q & A

Ask us questions, and get advice about your best friend.