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Client Testimonials


“After many heartbreaking experiences with 3 of my mini schnauzers from Diabetes to Cushings to Bladder stones to Irritable Bowel Disease and Pancreatitis, I was naturally angry and confused.  I had just lost yet another mini schnauzer at a young age and was determined to find a solution to some of the health problems associated with the breed as I love them and wanted another.  I knew that a well balanced diet was definitely going to have an enormous impact on warding off some of the many problems they can potentially have.  I had just committed to bringing home yet another baby girl (Lexie) and was frantically searching for what to feed her.  I wanted to give her a clean start with a clean well balanced diet but had no idea where to start.  That is when I found Christine!  I used her Puppy Consultation service and Christine answered all my questions in detail from the start and continues to answer all my questions today and Lexie is now a year old.  “There are no stupid questions” is what Christine would tell me.  I was extremely nervous and overwhelmed when starting the process of home cooking to say the least, but Christine put all my worries at ease.  She is so informative and was there to support me every step of the way.  SHE WAS RIGHT!!  She told me that it is overwhelming at first because of all the supplement dosages and how to administer them, but all of that quickly subsides with time and practice.  Quick preparation, slow-cooker cooked, unprocessed, complete and balanced is exactly what you get with a diet created by Christine.  When I first brought Lexie home she was on kibble supplied to me by the breeder which she hated and would not eat without coaxing….as soon as I fed her Christine’s home cooked diet she was in heaven and gobbled everything up!!  She was happy and I was extremely happy knowing that my baby was eating REAL FOOD that was good for her and that was formulated to address all of the potential health concerns faced by mini schnauzers.  I would recommend Christine’s Nutrition Services to everyone!!  If nothing else she will give you peace of mind in that you are doing all you can to give your baby a healthy start to life!!”


“When we first adopted our 8 year old beagle from a shelter, he was severely underweight, had itchy skin, and was suffering from anxiety and dog aggression.  We took our little guy to numerous vets, all of which wanted to prescribe him various medications from steroids for supposed allergies, to Prozac and Valium to “help” him with his anxiety and aggression.  The vets put him on a cycle of different prescription diets that only made him feel worse.  We were constantly rushing him to the hospital to deal with the side effects of these horrible foods.  We finally found Christine and she has been a godsend!  She taught us how to make food at home that was nutritious and healthy – and best of all, it was simple and fast!  Even though she gave us the diet a few months ago, she continues to check in with us periodically to see how our dog is doing, and is always available to answer questions for us.  She provides guidance and advice even after you have paid for the diet and never hesitates to help you. Since our dog has been on her diet, his itchy skin has disappeared, his coat is soft and shiny, and the eye infections he was getting regularly have practically disappeared.  We have even noticed that along with positive reinforcement training, he is less reactive to other dogs and his anxiety has decreased significantly.  We will forever be grateful to Christine for saving our dog’s life and giving us the knowledge and confidence to provide him with the best life possible.  There is a saying: “The wisdom of the ages teaches that each individual has a personal guardian angel with him or her at every moment” – Christine has been our little guy’s guardian angel and we would encourage all dog owners to let Christine help them improve their dog’s health and well-being, for a long and happy life!”


I recently made the switch from kibble to home made food. I had been wanting to get my dog off kibble for a LONG time but was nervous to make the switch. It was daunting to me because I didn't know what to cook, what ratio (meet/veggies/oatmeal etc) to use or what portion size to feed her. I was also a bit worried that it would cost a lot more. Lastly while I love my dog very much I didn't want it to take up a huge chunk of my time.

Christine is incredibly knowledgeable in canine nutrition. She was great at coaching me through the transition of kibble to home cooked food. Christine really helped to alleviate the apprehension I had. She gave me lots of ideas as to what foods to cook and gave me ideas on how to prepare the meals (and save time!). Taught me to have fun with it.

I felt much more confident after consulting with Christine. I should have made the switch sooner!

Sarah  (and Lucy)


Two years and five trainers later, I finally found Helen. At that point, I was seriously talking to the rescue about returning Frank because I was making no headway with his severe reactivity to dogs. Helen's skill and insight as a trainer and her instinctive feeling for what Frank needed and could tolerate saved us. Where others saw an aggressive, nasty dog, Helen saw a fearful, overloaded little sweetheart. She not only provided me with the techniques to finally help him navigate the world, but gave me support and understanding while I learned to help him help himself.

Victoria and Frank

Helen has been instrumental in the training and wellness of our dog. Because of her efforts, we have a calm, balanced, healthy pointer.  And for those who know dogs, calm pointers are not the norm.

Our initial three part consultation involved leash work and a diet overview.  Our one year old pointer had two issues we hadn't worked out yet - despite our best efforts he was a puller on the leash every walk, and had bad diarrhea.  Helen transitioned our dog over to a balanced and considered raw diet, and has been working with him, one on one, for loose leash walking.  Not only is Helen a wonderful trainer of dogs, but she trains the humans too.  She suggested changes to the type of exercise he gets, added more mentally stimulating activities and lo and behold, a calm, even tempered dog.

Canine wellness is definitely a mutual investment. Helen has great advice, and pet owners who heed her advice won't be disappointed.

Laura and Baldwin