Bowen is available at Wholesome Canine by appointment every Thursday.
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What stuff does Bowen treat?

Because Bowen therapy addresses every system of the body, we can use it to work on all sorts of issues - pain management, anxiety, musculoskeletal issues (like hip dysplasia, arthritis, patellar luxation) and neuromuscular disorders. 

What exactly is Bowen and how does it work?

Bowen is a gentle, hands on therapy used on people and animals alike. In the same vein as canine massage, chiropractic therapy and acupuncture, Bowen is a phenomenal option when it comes to caring for your pet’s mental, emotional and physiological health. 
It works by creating a piezoelectric charge in the body’s fascia (a connective tissue that surrounds every organ, muscle, bone, joint - everything! - in the body) and that charge communicates with the Central Nervous System (our, and our dogs’ body operation system).

What does it cost?
Each new client begins with a $150 package of three sessions. It’s important to do a minimum of three treatments to properly gauge the animal’s response to the therapy. Every follow-up appointment is $60. As the treatment plan progresses, the goal of the practitioner is to put more time between sessions and eventually, Bowen is only necessary for a “tune up”.

Meet Jaime, our Bowen Therapist, practicing since 2014. She's extremely intuitive and knows how to put even the most anxious dogs at ease.
Jaime resides in St. Catherines with her partner, Scott, their dog May and cat, Milo.